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(A new podcast is posted every other Tuesday)

Presented by The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC)




#25 of Club ADHD the Podcast starts with Russ commenting on the passing of two well known people and the possibility of something good coming from something so tragic (yes, it’s hard to believe but it could happen). Plus we speak to a Toronto mental health doctor about how an ADHD diagnosis (and treatment) could possibly save a life! This information is now available on Club ADHD the Podcast! LINK



#24 In this edition, of Club ADHD the Podcast, Russ explains why he feels the words “addiction” and “dependant” have totally different meanings (especially when it comes to ADHD medication). We also speak with an adult ADHD’er who tells us about his life with ADHD thus far. We think you’ll be able to relate with at least a few of the elements within his story. That’s coming up on this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast! LINK



#23 of Club ADHD the Podcast features Russ talking about a situation where he was able to show some restraint by holding back the dreaded ADHD impulsiveness plus we feature two interviews. We first chat with a person with ADHD who created a support group in an area that doesn’t have a lot of services for people with ADHD. We then speak with  two women, from the Toronto area,  who implemented a concept (in a group setting) geared at helping adults (with ADHD) be more productive. They then took that concept and applied it towards CADDAC’s letter writing campaign. 

It all happens on this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast, a presentation of the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC). LINK



#22 of Club ADHD the Podcast is sort of freewheelin’.  Russ talks about some of the “challenges” he’s faced, over the past couple of weeks. He also offers an opinion on why we feel the need to wear a “mask” in today’s society.  Russ then presents an idea on  how we might be able to overcome bouts of low self-esteem as a result of our ADHD or otherwise. That’s all happening on this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast! LINK



#21 In this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast, Russ talks about some of the things he experienced, over the past couple of weeks, including the follow-up to the infamous experience with the TV crew from South Korea. 

Meanwhile, in our interview portion of the podcast, we hit the road to travel to a recent CADDAC event and set up the podcast equipment to conduct an on-site chat. Our interview guest is Wayne O’Brian. Wayne was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 41. Leading up to that time, Wayne faced many challenges including a major misdiagnosis that resulted in an extended hospital stay. Despite this, he went on to do a number of impressive things including the creation of an ADHD “meetup group” in Toronto.

That’s all happening on this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast! LINK



#20 The uploading of this edition of “Club ADHD the Podcast” was a little late but we have a valid reason! No it had nothing to do with a dog eating homework, Russ dealt with a very interesting “situation” this week. A situation that could cause a person’s ADHD to go into overdrive. If the podcast was uploaded on time then it would be done in “mid situation”. As a result, an executive decision was made and we delayed the upload until the “situation” was resolved. Overall, it was worth the wait because it was something we all could learn from. What’s the “situation”. Well tune into the podcast and find out!

Russ also talks to a mother of a child/student with ADHD. She tells us some of the bad…. and good scenarios both she and her child faces within their school.  It’s a very interesting chat and ties in with a recent survey conducted by CADDAC. 

As per usual it’s an information packed edition of Club ADHD the Podcast so be sure to check it out!  LINK



#19 In this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast (the show for adults with ADHD) Russ starts off by talking about his “digital dilemma”. He then moves on to the interview portion of the show featuring a chat with a person who is no stranger to Club ADHD the Podcast. He co-created and was featured in the Red Green Show, he created and starred in the History Channel’s “History Bites”, he’s a comedian, producer, author, ADHD advocate, he’s a recipient of the Order of Canada. and he’s also Russ’ buddy… Rick Green. Together they talk (first hand) about ADHD and depression. Caution, this interview not only contains interesting information it also features more than a few ”unique” moments, so if you’re depressed you might find yourself laughing along with Rick and Russ.  Remember, you’ve been warned! LINK  

Note: CADDAC will be conducting a full day workshop titled "Understanding ADHD - Adults to Adolescence" on Sun. April 8 in Toronto. Details & registration info can be found at this LINK 



#18 In this episode of “Club ADHD the Podcast”, Russ talks about his “Garage Challenge” plus we speak with Jason Burn’s. Jason is an entrepreneur who created something to help burn off his excess energy during board meetings. That “something” eventually turned into a fulltime business. That business would result in Jason appearing on ABC TV’s hit show “Shark Tank”… and yes, he was successful in making a deal with one of the sharks! That’s coming up on this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast.  LINK



#17 In this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast (a presentation of The Center for ADHD Awareness Canada – CADDC) we feature an interview with Patrick McKenna. For those of you who don’t know, Patrick is an award winning actor, director, and comedian.  He starred in a number of  productions including Stargate SG-1, Traders, as well as the popular TV comedy series The Red Green Show where he played Red’s somewhat goofy nephew, Harold. Patrick talks about his own ADHD as well as what he’s seen in others when doing ADHD advocacy work.

Club ADHD the Podcast… it’s worth a listen! LINK



#16 In this edition, Russ talks about his dealings with high blood pressure and the impact it can have on ADHD medication. 
Heidi Bernhardt, Executive Director of CADDAC also joins us (once again) in the interview portion of the podcast as we talk about the different types of ADHD medication, the benefits of talking to your local politicians about ADHD, plus some of the ADHD based events coming up on the CADDAC calendar. LINK



#15 In this edition, Russ talks about having to “take the bull by the horns” when it comes to an issue that was impacted by his ADHD. We also review the viability (with a little humor mixed in) of a few published “tips” when it comes to ADHD and procrastination. Remember, don’t hold off listening tomorrow when you can listen to this podcast today (and show procrastination who’s boss)! LINK



#14 In this edition, Russ talks about clicking depression “off” plus he talks with TV personality/producer, comedian, ADHD advocate and educator, and recipient of  The Order of Canada… Rick Green.  Rick returns to the podcast to discuss ADHD and possible careers.  It looks like we have yet another “homerun” when it comes to Club ADHD the Podcast! LINK



#13 In this episode Russ talks about the holidays plus we speak with Heidi Bernhardt. Heidi is the CEO of the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC). Heidi reviews the steps, a person should take, when seeking an ADHD assessment . It's information we all should know! LINK


#12 In this edition, Russ talks about his perfect work scenario (suited for his ADHD) plus we speak with Dr. Kenny Handelman. Dr. Kenny is a psychiatrist, in the Toronto area, who specializes in ADHD. He also is an author, a public speaker, and a an expert all dealing with ADHD PLUS Dr. Kenny has been diagnosed with adult ADHD.  Our discussion covers a variety of topics including his diagnosis.

It’s yet another informative edition of Club ADHD the Podcast. We hope you give it a listen as we’re sure you won’t regret it! LINK


#11 In this weeks episode, Russ talks about how his ADHD hyper-focus became a distraction when it came to a recent health issue. We also  have a "communications specialist" tell us ways we can help lay the groundwork when it comes to changes (for the better) for those of us with ADHD. LINK



#10 This week on Club ADHD the podcast, Russ tells about hyperfocusing on his recent health issue. He also checks out the “stuff” on his desk and he reads an email from a listener. In the interview portion Russ talks to Danielle who lives in a household where everyone has ADHD! That’s all featured on this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast. LINK



#9 In this edition, Russ talks about ADHD during this special time of year plus, in the interview portion, we find out what it’s like to be married to someone with ADHD as we speak to Ava Green. Ava runs a business with her husband, who happens to be a comedian, TV star, author, director, public speaker, advocate, recipient of the Order of Canada  and most importantly, for this podcast, a person with ADHD. His name is Rick Green.

That’s all happening on this edition of Club ADHD the podcast! LINK



#8 In this edition, Russ talks about how Thanksgiving caused him to “fall off the wagon”. Russ also interviews Megan Smith. Megan has ADHD, has kids with ADHD PLUS she’s a psychologist for a school board! Megan talks a bit about her ADHD story, she gives her take on how kids, with ADHD should be treated, plus she gives a bit of advice for adults with ADHD. Listening to this podcast is time well spent!  LINK



#7 In this edition Russ talks about how the words of Mrs. Rogers ring true. 

In the interview portion of the podcast, we feature well known ADHD coach and advocate Pete Quily. Pete explains about his ADHD diagnosis, his decision to be an ADHD coach, plus we talk about why we all should be ADHD advocates. It's an interesting discussion filled with insight! LINK



 #6 In Club ADHD the Podcast #6, host Russ Le Blanc talks about his never ending ADHD challenge… AKA, his garage!In the interview portion of the program, we focus on something that often accompanies ADHD… “depression” featuring a talk with John Mielke. John is a well-known radio broadcaster, in the Ottawa area, plus he’s known nationwide as a broadcasting entrepreneur. He’s also a mental health advocate. Although John doesn’t have ADHD, he’s well acquainted with clinical depression.  John talks about his life with depression as well as how he deals with the ongoing challenge. If depression accompanies your ADHD, or even if it doesn’t, you won't want to miss this educational and sometimes eye-opening conversation.  LINK



#5 In this edition  Russ talks about the kids going back to school which leads to  his Junior High School days and how his ADHD caused a bit of a problem that some ADHD kids may still face. We also speak with Keith Gelhorn, an ADHD coach and advocate based in Halifax. The road to becoming an ADHD coach was a bumpy one for Keith, especially when he decided to move from B.C. to Nova Scotia to do it. It’s a story filled with overcoming tremendous hurdles. If you’ve never had a chance to listen to our podcasts, you might want to start by putting aside a few minutes to listen to this edition... you won’t regret it!  LINK    



 #4 In this edition, Russ talks about the added, and unwanted, “luggage” that can come along a person’s ride with ADHD (especially that large bag that carries… well, you’ll just have to listen to find out). We also speak with a young adult, from British Columbia, who shares her ADHD story (she was diagnosed at the age of 19), including her challenges and concerns when it comes to receiving provincial government assistance for her ADHD medication, as she prepares to head back to school.

Here's the LINK



 #3. In this podcast, Russ explains how ADHD impacted his driving test plus we speak to Matt from Toronto. Matt is an adult who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. Matt explains some of his strategies, when dealing with his ADHD, and he also explains some of the challenges. Perhaps these are issues familiar to you. Give the podcast a listen and find out. Here's the link



#2. In this podcast, Russ tells about the tale of the missing glasses plus he unveils the company that goes on record as not supporting ADHD... and he finds a sport that's ADHD friendly. In the interview segment Russ talks with a person known for his comedy, his involvement in helping to create (and star) in TV shows, as well as his work in ADHD awareness and support PLUS he himself has ADHD! That person is ... Rick Green! So what are you waiting for? Give it a listen! Here's the link to the podcast.



#1. Our first podcast has been uploaded! It's a "get to know us" edition featuring a recording of CBC Radio 1 interviewing our podcast host, Russ Le Blanc, plus The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada's (CADDAC) CEO, Heidi Bernhart, talks about how the association came to be along with the work they do.  Here's the link to the podcast.


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